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Schwab RT On-Site Training Classes

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Schwab RT offers instructor-led classes for the Schwab RT suite of products throughout the year at our training center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our instructors can also create custom training solutions to meet your needs.

Recordkeeping Fundamentals

Who should attend?
New hires to your firm or existing employees needing basic training on how to process core functions in the Schwab RT Recordkeeping system.
Class Agenda:
  • Review of how Recordkeeping and SchARP all tie in together
  • Participant Set-up (Maintenance)
  • Processing Contributions Manually and through SchARP
  • Processing Distributions
  • Core Recordkeeping Reporting

Recordkeeping Advanced

Who should attend?
Experienced users of the Schwab RT Recordkeeping system requiring a more in-depth knowledge of the system.
Class Agenda:
  • System Set-up & Settings: Code & Map Maintenance, System Maintenance
  • Trading: End-to-end process set-up and how all the different functions work together
  • Life Cycle of a Transaction in the system
  • Detailed review of the following modules: Earnings Allocation, Transaction History Import, ADT, Manual Postings, Trade Maintenance, Periodic Participant Maintenance, Data Extracts
  • Answer Pre-submitted questions and topics

Reporting Advanced

Who should attend?
Experienced Crystal Reports users who want to develop more advanced reports and require a more detailed knowledge of the Schwab RT Recordkeeping database RKDB.
Class Agenda:
  • Review of Recordkeeping Database (RKDB)
  • Review of Report Generator module (cp20) and Database Files
  • Advanced Crystal Reports topics
  • Answer pre-submitted questions and topics

Technical Workshop

This 3-1/2 day course has been updated to include several topics centered on the new MS SQL Recordkeeping product. These include MS SQL Server version selection, system migration strategy, development options, and MS SQL Server maintenance. Additionally, the Technical Workshop provides a comprehensive education on the various diagnostic and troubleshooting tips used to maximize system "up" time and on accessing Recordkeeping's core files via Reports and Visual Basic/Active X Controls. This class covers requirements and acceptable configurations for Recordkeeping, Voice and Web. The class also covers Remote Processing and the use of Microsoft Windows NT/2000 as platform, as well as other ancillary products that are beneficial to end-users. Hands-on is emphasized throughout the class.